Law Tigers Legends & Legacies

Law Tigers To Ensure Legacy At The SmokeOut Rally

Motorcycle Attorneys Now Set To Provide For The Future And The Past Of Custom Motorcycle Culture

Everyone knows that Law Tigers is a firm that you can count on when things go wrong but in the custom motorcycle culture they’re frequently found lending a hand ensure that things go right. This year, that plays out with the SmokeOut Rally in Salisbury NC, Sept 8-10, 2022 where Law Tigers have signed on to provide the necessary resources to celebrate custom motorcycle builders of SmokeOut past and future. 

This is happening through a new installation at the rally dubbed The Legend’s Gallery. The gallery, in addition to the Tankful Exhibit, the SmokeOut Hall of Fame, a Richie Pan Memorial Exhibit, and the Motorcycle Art Extravaganza it will  also be the home base of the Legends & Legacy Invitational Builders. 

Each of these exciting features brings unique elements to build what the Legend’s Gallery will be known as for years to come. Here is a brief summary of each exhibit.

Tankful Exhibit – 20 motorcycle tanks which were generously donated by Paughco Parts have been custom painted by some of the industry’s leading motorcycle artists. Though the tanks will be on display throughout that rally the real magic happens after. Each masterpiece will be available through an online auction with 100% of the proceeds going to the Meals On Wheels Program. Because everyone deserves a full tank. For more information:

SmokeOut Hall of Fame – After two decades of organizing the worlds greatest chopper party there are names and faces that should be immortalized in the history books of custom motorcycle culture. This is where the SmokeOut Hall Of Fame comes into play. Starting with the existing inductees including, Hammer, Edge, The Munchie Wagon, Kathie Russell and many others, photos and stories will provide visitors with a unique perspective on the motorcycle phenomenon that is SmokeOut. Each year there will be new inductees and that persons photos and stories will be folded in. 

Richie Pan Memorial – Richie Pan was an undeniable fixture at the SmokeOut Rally and in the pages of The Horse Magazine. With his passing the Chopper world truly lost one of it’s favorite sons. His contributions to the Chopper Culture on flesh and canvas set the tone for two generations. Cindy Pan, will be bringing some Richie’s art, some of which has never been displayed before. And of course, his Panhead “Viola” which he was rarely seen without. 

Motorcycle Art Extravaganza – Through the creativity and kindest of 812, Inc’s Jerry Cerqua there will be an incredible display of custom adorned Sissy Bars. Each one has crafted by artists and craftsmen throughout the motorcycle industry. These unique pieces speak volumes as to the individuality and creativity that flows throughout the custom motorcycle scene. 

Legacy Invitational – What better way to go back to the beginning of The SmokeOut by moving back to Salisbury and having some of the most iconic bike builders of those early days on site to pave the way to the future. For a good period of time in it’s beginning The SmokeOut was a hotbed of new talent in the custom bike world. Names like Billy Lane, Jeff Cochran, Paul Cox, and Donny Loos came out of this time period and a wave of influence followed them. To pay homage to those times and look to the future, the SmokeOut will feature many of these OG builders and also ask them to invite a legacy, which will be a builder that has either never been to SmokeOut or is new to custom motorcycle building. This will ensure that new faces are part of this iconic event’s storied history. 

All of this will be in a 60×100 air-conditioned building at the front of the property with closed circuit television that will be playing a media loop featuring all of it. And this is before you even go through the gates to the event!

Swing by today and give them a thumbs up and tell them thanks for the support!

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