Roadside & Dan

SmokeOut ’22 Legacy Invitational 

OG Builder: Roadside Marty – Pensacola, FL

Legacy: Dan Starkey – Carthage, IN

SMOKEOUT IS BACK! – Oh yeah, SmokeOut is back and headed back to Salisbury. In honor of this momentous occasion, we have asked Original Builders from the Salisbury days to come and display their work, share their stories and invite their legacy. To that, who could say SmokeOut without thinking about Roadisde Marty, his epic motorcycles and his undeniable contributions to the two decades of this show.

Roadside is part of the Flat Broke Chops and Rods are and hails from beautiful sunny Pensacola Florida. Hs legacy is on the fast track in his own rights as well.

Dan Starkey out of Indiana is an incredible human being and just happens to have a perfect eye for the old school beauty of a chopper mixed with his own flair. Both of these gentlemen are a welcome addition to the Law Tigers Legends Gallery that will house the Legacy Invitational from September 8-10th of this years SmokeOut. We will be announcing more builders in the weeks to come, but for now ya better get dem tickets!

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