The SmokeOut hall of fame

the people who made smokeout great

The amount of people that came together to make this event what it was over 20 years will take some time to add to this list, but it all started with one of the inductees; Edge. Edge graciously received input from the entire chopper underworld, he sorted the wheat from the chaff and his decisions served the entire community.  For example, this included metric builds when that wasn’t cool and also other magazines.  In a world of big (and sometimes conflicting) personalities Edge managed to unite the biker world into a shared vision.  Chris Callen can personally testify that the people and culture that eventually became Cycle Source Magazine were not only included but welcomed from the very beginning of the SmokeOut.  Each group, and even each person, was not only heard but had a significant part of the creation of something bigger than any person or group. The SmokeOut continues to be something unique and extraordinary, beyond the sum of it’s hand-built parts.


In honor that tradition Edge and Source media have taken The SmokeOut Hall Of Fame a step further and have made it a physical presentation at the 2022 event. Visitors will be Abel to roam the Hall Of Fame and read the story of The SmokeOut history and each of the Hall Of Fame Members along side the incredible images of Michael Lichter. Below we have the full list of Hall Of Fame Members split up into the class years they were inducted. There will be a new set of inductees each year moving forward. Please feel free to nominate your favorite SmokeOut personality as well.

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Class of 2020

Class of 2021

Class of 2022